Lawyer believes survivors deserve “one more day” to apply for residential schools compensation

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20 thoughts on “Lawyer believes survivors deserve “one more day” to apply for residential schools compensation

  1. my mother passed away in 2002 she went to residential school and I tried to apply but they told me she had to have been alive until 2005. all their negativity passed down to us her children. there is only 2 of us left

  2. Why encourage any survivor to enter into an agreement with the institutions that caused the suffering of so many and are paid for it. Why were survivors who died before 2005 excluded from the settlement and how many of the missing and murdered men and women were survivors. An accounability for $2.5 billion is about due and not to forget the lawyers who are under investigation for fraud in these settlements. And there are the survivors who had their compensayion stolen who can’t access their information from these same lawyers. What lawyers don’t tell is “read the fine print”, and there’s lots of that.

  3. In the first place the Canadian government who headed the Indian residential schools,should have never put a deadline date to this claim,when they knew they intentionally violated human rights,it should have been left open till the last person applied their application,the deadline is just another injustice to the residential school survivors,not everyone has access to the CBC news,and now when they realized that billions of dollars were left over because not everyone applied,they have no place to put the leftover money,the Canadian government should be ashamed of themselves,for putting a deadline date on the wrongs they did to the reserves of Canada,you can’t have it both ways and make apologies to the aboriginal chiefs,and say your sorry,when you left out those who had no idea what was issued to them,and to the ones who did apply and got the compensation,were cheated out by money hungry lawyers,who stuffed their pockets,without any written accountability to the government,all abuse is equal there is no such greater and and lesser abuse of the Indian residential schools,

  4. Well done and where would get some more info. I am one of the people that missed the deadline. Please keep me informed. Will submit my e-mail address when requested. Thank You in good faith.

  5. To be able to have another chance to file a claim would be a great spiritual blessing. Fear of reliving the trauma at a hearing prevented me from submission of a claim. It is bad enough to live with those memories, the psychological and physical traumas haunt me daily. I have gone through the route of alcohol to no avail. I even tried to take my life numerous times and ideations are still very real. I turned to spiritual living and found a sense of peace but direction. I still continue to be overwhelmed when those memories flood my mind at the most inopportune times as I go about my daily life.

    I pray for Eleanor Sunchild to succeed for those of us who have not had the opportunity to submit a claim and our experiences become part of the residential school era of atrocities.

  6. Yes! I never got any compensation! They have told me they send me a IAP letter in the mail and I did not received it! They gave me a bunch of run around! By then they said it was too late and it was a deadline! What can I do? Thanks! Roberta!

  7. Good idea to reopen the IRS case of ppl who missed out on their application for IRS Settlement, I hope all goes well.
    I applied for the IAP and it wasn’t granted; I felt more should’ve been done in this case as it is very heartbreaking to go thru the same pain over and over again. I felt, when my husband and I went to Kamloops to see a doctor to check my ear, I thought it was going to take a long time for them to check my ears; just a couple seconds of looking in them was all they did. I was lucky I got paid from work to pay for the trip myself; otherwise, what if I didn’t have any money to make that trip? Kamloops is located down south as approximately 12 to 15 hours. from home. I did not like the comments such as “your parents abandoned you”; My parents never abandoned me and my two sisters; we were taken away from our parents; we were definitely not abandoned by our parents. Our family were always together and we loved each other very much, especially loved our parents very much and they loved us very much too. Our story as a residential school survivor will always be in our mind with a broken heart. My parents were hurt to see us leave them; why did the IRS not think of them? I have seen my Mom cry and it wasn’t easy for us to leave because we were family and always together. Our story of IRS are all true and still the outcome was not believed by officials who interrogated the survivors; we will forever cry and feel pain as our life goes on. Only God knows all the pain we went thru and still feel the pain, the pain is forever. True stories are the truth.

  8. My husband was incarcerated for several years prior to the deadline and is still incarcerated. He did not get a chance to apply… alot of inmates didn’t get the chance to apply.

  9. Government compensation will never pay for the atrocities they and the churches have done on our people. Today, I am a survivor of their past of what they have done to my life and I have to live with it. I pray that you shall find a better livable way for the Government to compensate our Indian’s. I have never claimed for compensation because today I still struggle of the thought of what Day school brought me in my life. Today I am a clean and sober person. All my relation. Thanks for hearing me out.

  10. I never got mine .. So Plz help on this one .. I did go to court but I wasnt compensated.. But then again they never believe you when I went to court I couldn’t speak I Wanted to speak about my experience in residential school..1 was only allowed a couple words and they won’t even let me say anymore just like when you were in residential school was never allowed to speak… Before you go to cater I went to was Evelyn Baxter she was very mean and not very nice person she did all the talking meanwhile I’m the one who was in residential school.. Thn I went to another good caterer but no lawyer would help me I was on my own I was referred to a man in Winnipeg who didn’t even help me and I tried asking the judicatory if I could come person like in court they never did reply to me to this day they never replied they just ignored I hope you can help me out …. Plz … To phone me .. Here’s my number 1(807)407-5001…. N. My name is Agnes Redsky .. N I will provide more info wen you contact me …

  11. Yes! I was told I was too late for compensation too! Tyey said they send me a letter regarding IAP letter deadline! I never received it! They just gave me a bunch if rUnarounds! me know what I can do? Thank You! Roberta!

  12. My mom passed in 2008.
    I applied for her residential school benefits and never received anything.
    She was given her 10,000 advance and sent in all her papers. Was still owed money when she passed on. All they told me was I needed a lawyer to receive her benefits. I cannot afford a lawyer.
    Have never heard anything back.

  13. I was part of the initial planning phases of that program. It was never ever ever intended to have an end date on applications. Given the obvious intergenerational and historical issues. I had moved to the United States and lost touch with what was happening. I am disgusted that after all the work our teams put in that they would think that all of the victims/survivors would be able to make disclosures and claims by my birthday on September 19, 2012. Can you contact the originators of this program? We had all agreed that it would take more than 25 years to allow all of the people affected to be able to be brave enough, have enough support to come forward. We have also agreed that there would be no hard limit on a time date.

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