High school assignment has student/artist B.rose singing its praises

A high school student project in Saskatchewan has helped one student have aspirations of pursuing a career as a rap artist.

B.rose, a Grade 11 student at Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation school located 300 km northwest of Saskatoon, shot and edited a video for their Native Studies class.

The 16 year old says the experience was fun and didn’t feel like a class assignment.

“It was nice to see everyone working together on making this to complete this it was very, very fun it was a fun experience,” says B.rose.

Sheridan Longjohn the teacher who handed out the assignment says it was a student project that evolved into a music video.

“The project was for them to produce a small short video using any type of movie app for their native studies 20 and it was just to a picture of their home life a picture of a dog or animal or something,” says Longjohn.

Longhorn says once he realized that his student can rap, the idea was to make it a music video.

“Then I saw B.Rose’s channel and I noticed he rapped so I suggested well let’s do a rap video a rap song than it turned into a rap video,” says Longjohn.

Longjohn says the students even managed to make the video with a $25 budget.

He sent a version of the video to MBC-Missinippi Radio and they played it.

“We submitted to MBC to be played as a project and it got played on MBC it was really awesome to hear it being played on the radio live,” says Longjohn.

He adds they’ve been sharing how they did it with other students at the school so that they can also try it out.

“We’ve been going to classrooms as well a few of the students have been doing presentations to follow their lead on how to produce the rap song and rap video,” says Longjohn.

Watch the video here:

B.rose says he hopes the video reaches other Indigenous youth and inspires them to try something similar.

“I hope that my song brings a message to all the youth and they look up to us and suggest that they follow us and follow what we do and I hope I inspired a lot of youth,” says B.rose

B.rose only started writing songs and rapping recently, but he now wants to pursue a rap career.

He says his next step is to audition for Voices of the North, a Prince Albert Indigenous Talent show that takes place every February.

The next auditions are not until the fall, until then he will work on his stage presence.

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