B.C. premier pledges effort to end gender based violence on Moosehide Day

Two-thousand people take to the streets of Victoria to mark Moosehide Day.

A dozen years after the first Moosehide Day, 2,000 people took to the streets of Victoria to let their voices be heard that something must be done to end gender-based violence.

One of the speakers was B.C. Premier David Eby.

“I want to join everyone here today as a man in making my commitment personally to doing the work to ending gender-based violence and racism,” he told those gathered on the lawn of the legislature. “And also to join all the boys and men here who are making that commitment.

“I know as premier of a government we have an added responsibility, I have an added responsibility that the government does all we can to end racism and violence.”

Moosehide Day was created by Raven Lacerte and her father Paul.

Its logo is a small, square patch of moose hide.

“We were blessed with a moose,” said Raven on how they came up with the idea. “We cut that hide into a bunch of little squares and asked people to wear it as their everyday commitment and their everyday reminder that we don’t want to do violence in our lives we want safe communities for women and children across the country.”

The campaign has given out four million pins across the country.

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